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Many companies on the internet claim to want to help you make money online, when in fact they use you to help them make money more than anything else. Such companies will tell you if you pay their high membership fees that everything they have is yours for nothing. However, once you get in, you find out that they will charge you for everything they can.


The World Profit Club Network Marketing Alliance (WPCNMA®) was created to solve that problem!

We have no problem with other companies being profitable, but disagree with it being at the expense of their members. When you join us, depending on your membership level, you get everything that comes with that level at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE over the cost of your membership! PLUS, anything we add to your level as time goes on (and we’re adding things all the time) is also yours at no additional charge!

This is how it’s supposed to be. Come join us and let us prove it!

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. — Steve Jobs>

With your Bronze (Trial) Membership, The World Profit Club Network Marketing Alliance™ (WPCNMA™) provides you with training on hundreds of subjects related to starting, running and growing an online business doing niche marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO/SEM consulting, social media marketing, and lots more. You also get access to several products that come with resale licenses and the list of those grows monthly! Plus, unheard of in this industry, our no-cost members who refer paid members, receive 25% residual commission for those referrals, too! Sign Up Today!

NOTE: To remain a no-cost member after the trial ends, you can opt to have your own sales business doing nothing but referring paid members, and never have to pay a membership fee your self! You will continue to make 25% commissions for paid referrals. To choose this, go to Sales Reps Now! To choose higher commissions, just become a Gold or Diamond paid member. See below for more details. You’ll still have a sales business, will get paid higher referral commissions, AND any previous referrals you were getting paid 25% for will be rolled into your new commission level so you’ll begin receiving the higher commissions for them, as well. Plus, you get all the additional wonderful benefits that come with a Gold or Diamond membership.

Our optional Paid Membership levels each come with even more benefits…

Gold Membership

This level of membership comes with No-Cost Training, Resale Rights (RR) licensed products, AND additional products with Master Resale Rights (MRR)! You can use, learn from, and resell these based on the license and keep 100% of the profit! Not only that, for MRR products, you can offer the base product at one price, and offer an “Up-Sell” for the Resale Rights at an additional fee. This increases the value of these products to you.

Make even more money here by referring members. As a GOLD member, for referrals you make who become paid members (at any level), you will receive a 50% residual commission. What to you think about that?

Diamond Membership

Our Diamond membership is the best value, because with it, you get access to everything we offer now and everything we add in the future, plus lots more than what comes with the Gold membership!

As a result, you will have access to everything the Bronze and Gold member levels have, plus the following…

You receive access to all Personal Use Only (PUO), Resale Rights (RR), Master Resale Rights (MRR), Master Resale and Give-Away Rights (MRRG) AND Private Label Rights (PLR) products in our huge library of over 14,000 products (at least 3,000 of which are current products). Also… anything we add to a membership level in the future (and we add things all the time) is yours at no additional charge EVER! …AND… As always, for and of those products you sell, you keep 100% of the profit!

What’s so good about Private Label Rights products? This means you not only can resell this type of product, and offer two levels of “Up-Sells” (the RR license, and the MRR license), but also modify and enhance the product in any way to make it uniquely your own product, AND put your name on it as the author! Often, there are even more benefits in the PLR license for a particular product, so be sure to read each specific license carefully!

… and … here are the best parts yet … for paid member referrals, as a Diamond member, you receive 75% residual commission for paid members referred!!! You won’t find that kind of consideration for members anywhere else!!! Also, Diamond members receive a fully-functional membership site pre-loaded with resellable products and admin pages that easily allow addition of more from our extremely large library of such products. Finally, to go with that you get a complete support site with ticketing system built-in!

…but wait… there’s more… 🙂


As a Gold or Diamond member, you can also pick one Niche Website from our ProfitMaker.Club site that has over 870 pre-built, pre-monetized niche-based websites to choose from. Purchase a domain name from www.WorldProfit.Hosting, email your receipt to [email protected], and we’ll host it at no cost to you, give you a cPanel management account for it, AND make you a hosting reseller, as well! Just pick your niche, buy your domain name, send us an email, and you’re in business. You can then use all the valuable training on traffic generation, plus the many no-cost and fee-based traffic sources that come with your membership to immediately begin driving business to your site!!!

Resale Licenses Explained

When you buy a digital product (whether it be an ebook, MP3 audio file, video, or software), you will receive a license with that product. That license will give you Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resale Rights and/or Give Away Rights (MRR/MRRG), Resale Rights (RR), or Personal Use Only (PUO) Rights.

With the exception of Personal Use products, the license that comes with a product allows you to resell it, and here at the World Profit Club, you get to keep 100% of the profit from your sales!

Products that come with Personal Use Only (PUO) Rights may NOT be re-sold to others nor may you pass along Rights to those products to others. As the name suggests, you are allowed to learn from and use the product.

Products that come with Resell Rights may be re-sold to others. However, you may NOT pass along Resell Rights to those products to others.

Products that come with Master Resell Rights may be re-sold to others, and you may, also, pass along Resell Rights to those products to others if you choose to do so. This can be an “Up-Sell” for the product. What that means is that you can sell the product, and then offer the resell rights for an additional fee (an “up-sell”).

Some products with MRR licenses, also come with “Give Away” rights. This means you can either give it away to build your list, or optionally resell it, as you see fit.

Private Label Rights products come with a license that allows you to alter the product in any way you choose. This is the best option as it allows you to add your affiliate links, improve or add to the content, and put your name on it as the author. You cannot; however, claim the copyright to the product unless the particular license includes that right. Typically with PLR products you may offer an up-sell for Resale Rights, and another for Master Resale and/or Give Away rights depending on the terms of the particular license. Generally, though, you may not pass on the Private Label Rights to the purchaser (again, unless that is allowed in the particular license).

There are variations of each of these types of license, so it is important for you to review a particular license carefully before taking any action with a product.

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