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Diamond Membership

Until December 31st, 2019

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  • Get free training
  • Get packages with Personal Use Licenses.
  • Use and learn from such products.
  • Get packages with Resale Rights (RR) Licenses!
  • Get packages with Master Resale Rights (MRR) Licenses!
  • Get packages with Master Resale Rights and GiveAway Rights (MRRG) Licenses!
  • Plus, Get packages with Private Label Rights Licenses!
  • Resell packages per license, and…
    • For Master Resale Rights Products…
      • Sell the product for one price…
      • Then offer the RR license for an additional price and make even more money!
    • For MRRG products…
      • You can give the main product away to build your list…
      • Then market your affiliate links and other products to that list on an on-going basis using our auto-responder!
      • Then offer to sell the secondary, enhanced version of the giveaway product for some price you set…
      • Then offer an upsell for the RR license for an additional price…
      • …And offer an additional upsell for the MRR license for another additional price and make even more money!
  • For PLR products…
    • Sell the product for one price…
    • Then offer 2 “Up-Sells”; one for the RR license, and one for the MRR license!
    • Another great fact about PLR products like this is that you can modify them to make them uniquely yours and put your name on them as author!
  • For any product you sell, you keep 100% of the profit!
  • All this provides a growing list of income streams for you! … Can you see now that you end up with “Multiple Streams of Income”?

Additionally, You Get…

While we give you your choice of any one of our Niche Websites as described above, if you want more of them, we also offer you extreme discounts. Again, these are complete multipage websites pre-monetized for adsense, ebay, amazon, clickbank, and jvzoo. We have at least 870 of these Niche Sites ready to go. Additionally, we also can offer you a complete membership website preloaded with resellable products. With that, as another bonus, you get a complete support ticket site and you can get that free with purchase of any of the niche or membership sites. Adding more products to the membership site, if you choose to do so, is easy through the admin panel built into the membership site software. You can get those extra products to add to that site from those available to you with your Diamond Membership (as described above). They can all be found in your Diamond Member Home area. Just buy a domain name for the niche or membership site you choose and we’ll host it free. (NOTE: If you choose annual membership, we’ll even pay for your first domain name!)

We Also Offer An Annual Payment Option

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Diamond Annual Membership

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Notice! Due to Government Regulation and Control of Internet Purchases We Now Must Charge 7% Sales Tax!