Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Help! I can’t login!

If you are trying to log into any World Profit Club site, and are not able to, first be sure that you have already signed up for your membership. Please double check the username and password that you are using (yours was emailed to you on sign-up in one of 2 confirmation emails). When you sign up, you MUST use a valid email address or you’ll never be able to confirm your sign up and will not receive your login credentials.

Don’t use spaces in your username nor in your password, and be aware that passwords are case-sensitive. If you are unsuccessful in logging into your account, please submit a support ticket at our Support Site. We will be glad to help you.

Help! I forgot my password!

No problem. Just go to https://worldprofitclubassociates.com/login/, enter your email address, and click the “Forgot password” link (shown circled in RED below). Your password will be emailed to you! If you are unable to reset your password, please submit a support ticket at our Support Site.

How Much Does Each Membership Level Cost?

You are welcome to remain a Bronze (Freedom) Member of WPCNMA™ for as long as you like. To learn more about our membership levels; what they cost, and what comes with each one, see our Intro Video, view our Info Page, or read our About Us page.

When you decide to upgrade to one of the paid member levels, just go to our memberships page.

Is There An Affiliate, Sales Partner, or Reseller Program?

Yes, we do have an Sales Partner program (also referred to as our affiliate program), and you’re automatically in it when you join at any membership level. There are reseller options, as well, but that will be covered elsewhere. This section discusses the Sales Partner (affiliate) program.

Once you’ve joined, you will have a Sales Management area (also referred to as an affiliate page), and Marketing Collateral area. Anyone you refer becomes part of your sales team. HOWEVER, though we’re technically a Network Marketing organization, we are NOT a Multi-Level Marketing organization, nor a Pyramid! There is only one level for anyone. You’re on a level and those you refer (and who are part of your sales team) are under you… that’s it. It’s a flat business model – not a pyramid!

All you must do is give away free memberships to WPCNMA™ using your unique sales partner ID in links you provide in your marketing processes (also referred to as an affiliate link). When your prospects (referrals) become a paid member, you will receive a recurring commission payment each month when they pay their membership fee. Free members can earn a 25% commission every month for each referral that becomes a paid member, too! No other competitor will pay you that high a commission as a free member and most competitors insist that you be a paid member to receive recurring commissions for other paid members you refer! Some competitors even want you to pay them for the right to be their affiliate or resell their memberships and/or products. NOT US!!! You can make money merely as our Independent Sales Rep, doing nothing but promoting and referring others! Yes! You can have your own sales business and do nothing but promote to make money! For more information on this option, see SalesRepsNow.Com.

Then, Why Become a Paid Member?

…because… as a paid member, your referral commissions are MUCH higher! Gold membership pays 50% commissions for referrals who become paid members! Diamond (top level) membership pays 75% commissions residually as long as your referral remains a paid member and pays for their membership!!!

There is absolutely no charge to join our program. We provide you with all the promotional tools you need. We handle the order, delivery, and billing. Our software automatically tracks your prospects’ orders, and you always have complete access to your account statistics, so you know how effective your marketing is.

Alternate Payment Methods

From time to time, we receive emails from members who ask about alternate payment methods for membership fees and/or products or services we offer. We accept PayPal, Stripe, and Debit/Credit card payments. If you desire to pay by check, money order, Western Union, MoneyGram, or similar means, then open a support ticket, and we’ll make special arrangements for you.

Each membership level has a monthly subscription option, and an annual (less expensive) option.

Here’s an important tip that I’ve learned about PayPal: If you have to replace a credit card on PayPal, first add your new card and then make sure that you change all of your subscriptions over to the new card before you delete the old card. That way your subscriptions won’t be canceled.

How Do I Contact WPCNMA™

We are always available for your questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions. We do have one request though… If you’re having problems or have questions about a product that you have purchased, please open a support ticket, and include the following information in your ticket: your full name, your email address, the product name, computer type (MAC/PC), the operating system on your computer and its version, plus any other pertinent information, such as a detailed description of what the problem is. There are several methods of contact:


If you would like to send us an email, send it to [email protected].

Help Desk:

Our help desk is located at https://worldprofit.support. Due to the fact that email has become increasingly voluminous, we strongly recommend that you submit a support ticket. We will respond as quickly as possible, and all tickets are answered in the order they are received.

Postal Service (USPS):

Our address is 110 Rustic Ln., Carriere, MS 39426.


Our phone number is (800) 980-8233.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

To cancel your membership, simply open a support ticket requesting cancellation.

Can You Explain the Different Resell Rights Terms?

Just go to our World Profit Associates website. There’s a link to those explanations on the top menu.

Reseller Programs

We have several reseller programs available, but they are not part of your membership here. However, as a member, you do have access to several products with resale rights licenses of one type or another. You can resell those products and keep 100% of the profit. We take nothing. Who else in this industry will do that for you? No one! All we want is your continued membership.

Regarding the reseller programs we have, they are as follows:

Hosting Reseller – we have two options here.

  1. Purchase any domain name from World Profit Hosting and you’ll not only receive free hosting for that domain name, but also a cPanel management console, and you’ll become our hosting reseller.
  2. The second option is your own hosting business. For information on that, see this link.

Telemedicine Broker – For information on this, see this link.

You can also have your own Email Marketing Management service. For information on that, see this link.