PLR Explained

What is the difference between licenses for PUO, RR, MRR, MRRG, and PLR Products?

One of the questions we hear the most in our training meetings is, “What are the differences between Personal Use Only RightsResale Rights, Master Resale RightsGiveaway Rights, and Private Label Rights?”

It is important that you know the differences before downloading and/or purchasing such a product. Most of the products that fall into one or more of the categories above are referred to generically as “PLR Products”; however, their particular license may specify one type of rights or another.

The full meaning for the abbreviations are:

  • PUO – Personal Use Only Rights
  • RR – Resale Rights
  • MRR – Master Resale Rights
  • MRRG – Master Resale and Giveaway Rights
  • PLR – Private Label Rights

Buying online products is an efficient, inexpensive and profitable way to learn about online business, break into a niche with very little investment, and quickly become successful and profitable (you’ll hear us say that last part a lot, because that’s our main goal for you).

Knowing the differences in PUO, RR, MRR, MRRG, and PLR product licenses will help you determine how best to market such products, and the rights you have in the process of advertising and selling them.

Personal Use Rights

You are allowed to use the product for your own benefit, such as use of the sales letters to directly sell a product, but you are not allowed to sell the original product in any way. Such products include things like free training on a particular subject or in a particular niche, software tools, document templates, and more.

Resale Rights (RR)

Resale rights allow you to sell the product to your customers on an “as is” basis. You cannot change the product in any way, nor can you offer anything but a personal use license to your customer with it. You can, on occasion, depending on the particular license inclusions, offer it as part of a package, bundle it with other products, etc. The customer has no rights to pass it on or resell it in any way. In basic terms, once you receive a product with resell rights you can sell it on to your customer and the sales process stops there.

Master Resale Rights (MRR)

MRR rights are very similar to RR rights, but again, you cannot change the product in any way, nor claim authorship of the product. The beauty of MRR licenses is that you can sell the base product, then offer an “upsell” that includes RR (Resale Rights) for the product to your customers. This makes MRR products with such licenses, doubly valuable to you!  This also makes it valuable to your customer, because he can not only use the product, but also resell it according to the RR license you provide with the upsell.

Master Resale Rights products are generally the most popular form of these different licences and products.

…But Wait! There’s More! (ha ha)…

Giveaway Rights

You can give the product away for free (in any way you wish, unless the licence terms state otherwise). You cannot resell or change the give-away product in any way. These products are usually an eBook or other product with no other options than to give it away. You seldom see a product with only Giveaway Rights, because these are usually bundled with MRR products.

Many MRR products also come with Giveaway rights. It that case, they will often provide a squeeze page with a free eBook or other product that you can give away to build your list, and a sales page with a more valuable product such as a step-by-step process document or video training that expands on that eBook.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

PLR is the King of all available licences. It allows you to totally customize a product, re-brand it, sell it basically in any way you can, and allows you to even change its name, its graphics, and claim authorship. You cannot change the original copyright on the product; however. There are expanded versions of PLR licenses that include “White-Label” licensing which may allow you to also change the copyright.

Some PLR products are very restricted and have limits to what can be achieved, always make sure you read the licence.

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