WPCNMA™ Broadcasting Software is Live!

Released August 4th, 2019, the brand new World Profit Broadcasting software is available.

You can see a demonstration by going to World Profit Broadcasting!

We will be using it there from now on.

It allows you to broadcast from you webcam directly to your website with no need for any Windows client software and no need to use Facebook Live nor Youtube Live to go online!

Easy to implement, too! You start a broadcast from your admin page. You place a simple iFrame on the page you want visitors to see and hear you on, and ‘VOILA‘, you’re LIVE!

The software requires a Linux platform to operate and you must be able to install Node.js on it. If you don’t have such a platform, we have a package that comes with a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). A VDS is similar to a Virtual Private Server (VPS), but it is not shared! It’s yours and yours alone, so you’ll have no performance issues.

For more information, go to the link above where you’ll see pricing for the software itself. If you want the server and software package, email us with your request for a quote at [email protected] Later, we’ll be adding that to the pricing page.

Respectfully yours,

Jesse Josserand, Owner and Sr. Architect
World Profit Club Network Marketing Alliance™ (WPCNMA™)



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